ACIN instrumenten

ACIN instrumenten bv designs, produces and maintains measuring and control instrumentation for indoor and outdoor climate. ACIN has the expertise, in house production, quality brands and maintenance and calibration facilities to support our customers.

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products & applications

ACIN delivers measuring and control instrumentation for indoor and outdoor climate, such as pressure switches and controllers, Flow Finder®, pitot tubes, climate chambers, custom made equipment for navy and industry, etc.

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partners & suppliers

ACIN instruments is official distributor for Rotronic and Setra. Two companies that are known for their high quality instruments. Swiss precision and American boldness.

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calibration & service

Most instruments need regular calibration and maintenance to maintain high performance. ACIN instrumenten offers calibration, maintenance and repair for all kinds of measuring instruments.

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Measurement at the museum

Our collection is 365 days per year on display

Our products

ACIN has a wide range measuring and control instruments for humidity, temperature, air, gasses, etc.

Here you can see some our top range products:

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