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ACIN instrumenten

ACIN instrumenten is a manufacturer and supplier of measuring and control equipment for indoor and outdoor climates. ACIN has the expertise, in-house production, quality brands and the repair and calibration facilities to advise and assist customers.

We have extensive calibration facilities, such as a measuring laboratory for pressure (0..6000 Pa) operating under ISO-17025. Own products are the FlowFinder® and the VentiFlow®, well-known brands are Rotronic and Setra.

  • High-quality measuring instruments
  • Own production
  • Extensive calibration facilities
  • Repair and maintenance

History of ACIN

ACIN stands for AirConditioning INstruments. The company was founded in 1965 by Louis W. Zijdenbos. Mr Zijdenbos had extensive experience as a specialist and troubleshooter at the Netherlands’ largest company in the design and contracting of air-conditioning systems. Mr Zijdenbos started an instrument workshop for design, production and repair.

Successful instruments were and are: pressure switches and regulators, the FlowFinder® zero pressure meter, pitot tubes, climate chambers and a wide range of customised equipment for marine and industry.

Today, ACIN instruments is a growing company with a wide range of activities in measuring and controlling the indoor and outdoor climate. With a close-knit team, we are working hard on growth at home and abroad. With about 25 employees, we produce and market our own equipment and handle distribution for a large number of international manufacturers.

RVP Engineering

RVP Engineering is a family business that has been specialising in metalworking since 2001. As of 2019, this company is part of ACIN instrumenten.

We provide craftsmanship in CNC turning, drilling and milling work from single pieces to series in all types of metal and in plastics. We can also be of service to you with conventional turning and milling work.

ACIN is ISO:9001 certified

Quality brands

ACIN instruments is the official distributor for Rotronic and Setra. Two companies known for their high-quality
measuring instruments. Swiss precision and American thoroughness.

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