Air measurement instruments

Air measurement instruments for the adjustment of ventilation and air conditioning systems

The measurement of volume flow rate and air velocity is crucial for the optimum operation of ventilation and air conditioning systems.

ACIN instruments has a wide range of instruments for the measurement of air velocity and air flow rate, including flow rate meters, air velocity meters and air velocity transducers.

Measuring air flow rates

For the measurement and adjustment of air conditioning systems, ACIN instruments has developed two types of balometers (air flowmeters): the Ventiflow-mk2 and Flowfinder-mk2.

Measuring air speed

The air speed is important for the proper functioning of heating and ventilation systems. With the air speed meters we offer, the air speed can be accurately determined, even when it concerns low air speeds.

Air Velocity Transmitters

For industrial or food processing processes, reliable transmitters are necessary. With the Rotronic AF1 series, ACIN instruments offers you a stable transmitter with high precision for the measurement of air velocity.

Professional and certified air measurement instruments

ACIN instrumenten is the specialist in the field of air measurement instruments. We develop and sell instruments for the professional market. Customers choose us for our many years of expertise, reliability and our possibilities in the areas of service, advice, maintenance and calibration.

Information or advice about air measurement?

If you need advice about air measurement or more information, please contact us at or by telephone at +31 (0)70 – 3070703. Of course, you can also simply fill in the form below. Our service or sales department will then contact you immediately.

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