Industries we work for

ACIN instruments is a manufacturer and supplier of measurement and control equipment for various sectors where precision on the one hand and user-friendliness on the other play a major role. For example, we supply a wide variety of measuring instruments for:

  • farmaceutische industrie & medical devices
  • pharmaceutical industry & medical devices
  • food and nutrition industry
  • climate control and ventilation
  • construction, renovation and property management
  • installation technology
  • defense and navy


For cleanrooms, we have very extensive pallet of measuring instruments that can control and monitor the overpressure. In areas where overpressure is essential, our instruments keep out “pollution” from the outside.

Cleanrooms must be constantly monitored for proper operation. Monitoring processes can be carried out at specified intervals or continuously, measuring microbiological contamination in the air or the number of dust particles.

We also have various solutions for measuring and recording relative temperature and humidity. Many of our probes, data loggers, hand-held meters, transmitters and AW meters have already found their way to various customers in food technology.

Measuring Instruments Cleanrooms
Flowmeter FlowFinder Mk2

Air conditioning and ventilation technology

For the benefit of various in construction, plant engineering and air conditioning, we supply useful instruments including air velocity meters, air velocity transmitters and air flow meters. The flow meters we developed, Ventiflow-mk2 and Flowfinder-mk2, have become indispensable in the Dutch installation industry.

Nearly Energy Neutral Building

The Building Code sets high requirements for the airtightness of buildings. This is to contribute to the energy efficiency of buildings. The BENG requirement even stricter than the Building Code, but many construction companies wish to comply with it now. We provide companies in the construction industry with advanced measuring equipment to measure the airtightness of buildings.

Two innovative air density meters play an important role here. The Air Tightness Tester developed by ACIN, which won the VSK Award in 2020, and the Ultragraphyx, which allows cracks, gaps and holes to be clearly visualized.

Metrology Offshore

Metrology offshore and marine

We supply high quality measuring instruments for various clients in the offshore industry. Working in this high-risk environment requires measuring instruments with high operating reliability, dependability and fast delivery and service.

ACIN is ISO:9001 certified

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