New from Rotronic:
PF4 differential pressure transmitter

2017-04-04T19:56:13+00:0031 July 2012|

The PF4 series is the latest development from ROTRONIC. The thermal measurement technique enables top-precision measurements in the smallest of spaces. This differential-pressure transmitter gives ROTRONIC customers a device to measure a further important parameter in addition to devices for humidity, temperature and CO2 measurement. With the optional connector for HygroClip2 probe, analog input or temperature [...]

New from Rotronic:
low dew point probe

2017-04-04T19:56:14+00:0031 July 2012|

Low dew point probe. Reliable measurement of trace moisture. The low dew point probe comes with the latest AirChip4000 technology. Calculates a measurement from the average of 8,000 single points within a 2 second interval and, together with the HYGROMER® LDP-1 dew point sensor, delivers measurements of the highest quality. Applications Field of Application
The low dew [...]

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