CO2 transmitters

With the SD-GTH03, ACIN instruments offers a CO2 transmitter that reliably measures the indoor climate and, in the case of a display, also presents it clearly.

CO2 transmitters are useful in diagnosing and solving indoor air quality problems. ACIN offers a variety of transmitters for various applications.

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The operation of CO2 transmitters

CO2 is measured with an NDIR sensor, an infra red sensor that actually counts CO2 particles.


The SD-GTH03 is suitable for both commercial buildings and private homes. With its 3-in-1 sensor, it measures both carbon dioxide, humidity and temperature.

More information on CO2 transmitters

If you need advice about one of our CO2 transmitters, please contact us at the mail address or by phone +31 (0)70 – 3070703. Of course, you can also just fill out the form below. Our service or sales department will then contact you directly.

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