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ACIN instrumenten

ACIN instrumenten designs, produces and maintains measuring and control instrumentation for indoor and outdoor climate. ACIN has the expertise, in house production, quality brands and maintenance and calibration facilities to support our customers.

In house design and production combined with exclusive representations of international renowned manufacturers makes it possible to anticipate on all desires of our customers. ACIN has extended calibration facilities, like a measuring laboratory for pressure (0..6000 Pa) operating under a ISO-17025 regime. Well-known products are FlowFinder® and VentiFlow®, well known brands are for example Rotronic and Setra.

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ACIN is ISO:9001 certified

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RVP Engineering

RVP Engineering is a family business that has specialized in metalwork since 2001. Since 2019 this company is part of ACIN instrumenten.

We deliver craftsmanship in CNC turning, drilling and milling work of all types of metal and plastics, from single pieces to series. We can also help you with conventional turning and milling work.

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ACIN stands for AirConditioning INstruments. The company was founded in 1965 by Louis W. Zijdenbos. Mr. Zijdenbos had broad experience as control specialist and trouble-shooter at Netherlands largest company in design and contracting of air-conditioning plants. He started an instrument workshop for design, production and repair.

Successful products were and are: (duct-) pressure-switches and -controllers, FlowFinder® zero pressure meter, pitot-tubes, sampling chambers, constant volume devices and besides this a wide variety of tailor-made equipment for Navy and industry.

Nowadays, ACIN instrumenten is a growing company with a wide scope of activities in measuring and controlling of indoor and outdoor climate. With our team we work hard to grow in our own country and abroad. With approx. 25 employees we produce and trade our own equipment and represent a large number of international brands.

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Brands & Suppliers

ACIN instrumenten is official distributor for Rotronic and Setra. Two companies that are known for their high quality instruments. Swiss precision and American boldness.

An overview of our quality brands: