Measuring instruments for plant engineering, climate and process control

ACIN instruments develops, produces and supplies high-quality measuring and control instruments for indoor and outdoor climates. Our range of professional measuring instruments includes both our own brands and third-party products such as Rotronic from Switzerland and the American company Setra. Since 1965, ACIN instrumenten has been supplying measuring instruments to the professional market, including installation companies, the process industry and defence. High-quality instruments, good advice and expert calibration and service are the core of our service.

Supplier of professional measuring instruments since 1965

Since the company’s inception in 1965, ACIN has built up expertise and know-how in the field of climate control. More than ever, the importance of good ventilation is clear, and professional measuring instruments are necessary for this. Meanwhile, ACIN has built up a diversity of activities around measuring and controlling climate control systems with some 30 employees.

Range of measuring instruments

For customers active in installation engineering, climate control, civil engineering, process industry and defence, we offer a comprehensive range of professional measuring instruments:

  • Air measurement instruments
  • Air tightness meters
  • Air pressure instruments
  • Humidity and temperature meters
  • CO2measuring equipment
  • Smoke tests
  • Monitoring systems

In addition to delivery, we also take care of the calibration and repair of these instruments.

Advice, sales and service of professional measuring instruments

On our website, we list the most relevant information for each instrument. If you need further advice, please choose one of the options below to contact us

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