Barometic transmitters

Barometric pressure transmitters

With the Setra 276 and the Setra 278, ACIN instruments offers you two barometric pressure transmitters that are renowned for their stability and reliability.

Excellent long-term stability and reliability in Environmental and Test & Measurement applications are inherent in Setra’s barometric pressure transducers. Accuracy as high as ±0.02% Full Scale and repeatability within 0.01% Full Scale meet the crucial requirements of the most critical applications.

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How do barometric pressure transmitters work?

Barometric pressure transmitters measure barometric pressure for meteorological devices and applications. The term barometric pressure is the air pressure measured with a barometer.

What are barometric pressure transmitters used for?

Measuring barometric pressure is essential for the correct functioning of medical applications, meteorological applications and indoor navigation equipment. But also for e.g. cycle computers, altimeters and vario-meters.

The Setra 276

The Setra 276 is an affordable pressure transmitter suitable for solar-powered applications. At ±0.25% FS, it is a compact and very robust pressure transmitter that nevertheless offers very high performance.

The Setra 278

The Setra 278 is a barometric pressure transmitter designed for extreme conditions. This makes it ideally suited to long-term stability. It also has a sleep mode for extra fast start-up and a removable terminal strip that makes it easy and quick to wire up.

More information barometric pressure transmitters

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