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Analog Pressure Gauges

With the Betz micromanometer and the Magnehelic pressure gauge from Dwyer, ACIN instruments offers you two very well known and are used worldwide.

How a pressure gauge works

A pressure gauge measures air pressure by means of what is called a “tube spring principle.” This means that inside the manometer there is a curved tube which, as air or gas enters, becomes straighter and straighter. This movement is translated into the display and there you can then read exactly what the air pressure is.

Why are pressure gauges so important?

Pressure gauges are used on board ships, offshore platforms, industrial plants, food processing and process industries. Besides temperature measurement, pressure measurement is one of the most important and controlled value in a process. Pressure gauges signal possible leaks, pressure build-up and unwanted openings .

The Betz micromanometer

The Betz micromanometer is measures low air, gas or differential pressure with very high accuracy and long term stability. This primary instrument is used for the calibration of various pressure measuring instruments.

Dwyer Magnehelic Pressure Gauges

The Dwyer Magnehelic differential pressure gauge is highly accurate ( guaranteed within 2% of full scale) – and has 81 different models to meet your exact needs. The instrument is resistant to shock, vibration and overpressure and does not use gauge fluid that evaporates, freezes or causes toxic or leveling problems.

The Magnehelic is the industry standard for measuring over- and underpressure.

More information manometers

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