Professional pressure gauges

For measuring pressure ACIN supplies various handheld meters from brands such as DPM and AirFlow (formerly Alnor). DP Measurement’s micromanometers are often used as reference because of their high accuracy. AirFlow’s handheld pressure gauges have been used for years in various applications because of their user-friendliness, reliability and affordability. If your pressure gauge is not listed here, please ask our staff for advice.

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Pressure gauges from ACIN Instruments

Since 1965, ACIN instrumenten has been a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality measuring instruments for air, pressure and temperature. We have our own calibration, production and repair facilities. Our expert service department will be pleased to assist you with the purchase or repair of hand and pressure gauges.

Information on pressure gauges

If you need expert advice on pressure gauges or more information, please contact us at or by phone at +31 (0)70 – 3070703. Of course, you can also simply fill in the form below. Our service or sales department will then contact you immediately.

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