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High quality pressure switches

Pressure switches designed and manufactured by ACIN have been our best-selling switches for over 40 years. Their reliability and quality have been amply proven over the years. In addition to our own switches, we also offer you the full range of Dwyer pressure switches.

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Application of differential pressure switches

Both the PDS pressure switch and the PS pressure switch can be used as under-, over- and differential pressure switches. With these pressure switches the differential pressure over, for example, air filters and fans is monitored. The switching point is adjustable with adjustment screw.

Manufacturer of differential pressure switches since 1965

Since 965, ACIN has been developing and producing successful instruments such as: pressure switches and regulators, the FlowFinder® zero pressure gauge, pitot tubes, climate chambers and a wide range of custom equipment for marine, industrial, technology and healthcare. So for high quality and reliable differential pressure switches, ACIN instruments is the right place for you.

Advice on differential pressure switches

Do you need expert advice on differential pressure switches or do you want more information, please contact us at or call +31 (0)70 – 3070703. Of course, you can also just fill out the form below. Our service or sales department will then contact you immediately.

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