Calibration, Maintenance & Repair and CNC Turning & Milling

Calibration of measuring instruments

Most measuring instruments need regular calibration to keep their performance optimal. Acin Instrumenten offers calibration equipment for every sensor. We can also calibrate your sensors for you. We have a reminder service to help you remember when your instruments need calibration.

Calibration according to standards

ACIN instruments is very well equipped for calibration of measuring and control instruments. All calibrations by ACIN are traceable to national and international standards. For pressure instruments, we can also deliver a calibration certificate. ACIN has its own measuring rooms and the facilities necessary to perform calibrations.

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Maintenance & repair of measuring instruments

Most measuring instruments need regular maintenance to continue their optimal performance. Acin instruments has its own laboratory where we can carry out repairs on both our own instruments and those of other brands, including Rotronic, Setra and Sensor Data. The advantage is of course that your instruments are quickly available again.

ACIN instruments has a reminder service to remind you that your instruments are due for maintenance. In addition, we can of course repair all your measuring & control instruments when they show defects.


CNC Turning & Milling

CNC turning and milling (formerly RVP Engineering) is part of ACIN and provides craftsmanship in CNC turning, drilling and milling work from single pieces to series in all types of metal and plastics. We can also be of service to you with conventional turning and milling work.

We supply high-quality products with a neat finish. We offer short lead times and competitive prices. You can also come to us for rush jobs. We are always prepared to help you with the implementation or further development of your product or idea.

ACIN is ISO:9001 certified

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