Smoke products

Smoke Cartridges

ACIN Instruments offers a wide range of smoke products for checking ventilation systems, determining draft in a chimney, for testing smoke detectors or ventilation ducts but also for air movement studies.

The smoke products are also used in fire drills and to create special effects in the film industry. There is a product for every application.

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All smoking products are subjected to more than 20 tests before they are put on the market. All products are produced in an environmentally conscious manner. The factory has been certified to ISO 14001 for this purpose since 2000.

Before using, please read the Björnax safety data sheets that are available for each product.

Smoke to test ventilation systems

Smoke products are mainly intended for ventilation systems, air movement studies, leakage tests and smoke detection tests.

In addition to gray smoke, there are different colors of smoke, developed for realistic exercises of calamities, for example in combination with transport of hazardous substances.

Yellow: chlorine gas
Orange: nitrogen gases

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