Rotronic HC2A-S-HH

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Rotronic HC2A-S-HH: the sensor for hydrogen peroxide environments


The sensor for hydrogen peroxide environments

Hydrogen peroxide sterilisation
Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is used to sterilise clean rooms, incubators and other equipment. In this process, the air is saturated by gassing or spraying, which results in the formation of a microfilm on all substrates. The hydrogen peroxide kills all micro-organisms. The H2O2 is then mechanically removed or naturally converted to harmless H2O or O2 over a period of 48 hours. The humidity during application is crucial for the effectiveness of the process.

Standard humidity sensors struggle to measure accurately in environments with high concentrations of H2O2. The hydrogen peroxide inhibits the measurement of water vapour by covering the pores on the surface of the sensor. This is the reason why ROTRONIC has developed a special sensor, the HYGROMER® HH-1. The sensor’s service life has been considerably extended compared to that of standard sensors for these applications. Please refer to the datasheet for exact technical data of the sensor.


  • More relative humidity, temperature and dew point
  • With HYGROMER® HH-1 sensor for environments with hydrogen peroxide
  • Highest possible measuring accuracy
  • Complies with FDA CFR21 Part 11/GAMP


Probe typeHumidity and temperature probe for hydrogen peroxide applications (H2O2)
Accuracy±0.8 %RH, ±0.1 K, at 10…30 °C
Measuring range with integrated probe-50…100 °C / 0…100 %rh
Accuracy analog output±1 mV
Power supply3.3…5 VDC
Current consumption4.5 mA at 3.3 VDC
Humidity sensorHygromer HH-1
Continuous H2O2 load880 ppm / 1200 mg/m3
Temperature sensorPT100 1/3 DIN Class B
Filter typeNo filter
Response time t 63
CalculationsDew / Frost point
Audit Trail/ electronic recordsFDA 21 CFR Part 11 and GAMP compatible
Analog output signal (standard)0…1 V = 0…100 %RH
0…1 V = -40…60 °C
(default setting, freely scalable via HW4 software and AC3001 cable)
Communication interfacesUART
IP protection ratingIP65
CE / EMC conformEMC Directive 2007/108/EC
Storage and transport conditions-50…100 °C


Brochure – Hygroclip 2 Rotronic HC2A-S-HH

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