Humidity and temperature transmitters

ACIN instruments has various transmitters in its range that accurately and reliably measure temperature and humidity and provides two analogue output signals in either mA or V. There are various models for different applications.

If you need to measure humidity in an environment, be it a building, an industrial process or a storage area, you need humidity transmitters you can trust.

Rotronic has been making humidity transmitters for many decades and has a worldwide reputation for supplying precise and stable instrumentation that thousands of organisations trust for critical applications. It is ultimately the measuring task at hand that defines the combination of transmitter and probe that best covers your needs.

Transmitters from Rotronic

The transmitters of ACIN instruments are exclusively from Rotronic. This brand is well known for its robust and stable transmitters and in combination with the HC2(A) sensors one of the most accurate available.

The right transmitter for the right measurement task

Depending on the measurement task at hand, certain transmitters and sensors are more suitable than others. The Rotronic transmitters are suitable for measuring;

  • Relative humidity (RH)
  • Temperature (T)
  • Dew point (Td)

ACIN instruments has various transmitters for different situations. For example, in an office or warehouse or a museum or hospital, you would use a different type of transmitter than you would in a factory or drying facilities for potato products or in explosive atmospheres. All transmitters have a robust housing for protection and to minimize the influence of the external atmosphere on the measurements.

More information about transmitters

Do you want to know more about transmitters or do you want to know which combination of transmitter and sensor is the best for your application? Please contact us at or call us at +31 (0)70 – 3070703. Of course you can also just fill out the form below. Our service or sales department will then contact you immediately.

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