VSK 2020

ACIN instruments offers you free admission to VSK 2020.


Measuring air systems quickly and easily

See our new products at VSK 2020
From 4 to 7 February, ACIN will be present at the VSK exhibition in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. You are welcome to visit us at our stand 10C017.

You are welcome to visit our stand. During the fair we will demonstrate our new products which make the measurement of air systems quick and easy. 10C017. Take a look at the products below and come and see them in real life at our stand.

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Air Tightness Tester

Measuring airtightness quickly and easily

With the A(ir)T(ightness)T(ester), the air density of buildings can be measured quickly and easily. The ATT makes clever use of the ventilation system. The pressure vessel of the ATT serves as a reference (pressure in the house when the ventilation system is off). While the ventilation system is switched on and off several times, the pressure difference compared to the reference is measured. The air density (e.g. Qv10) is calculated from this pressure difference and the ventilation air flow rate. Whereas in larger construction projects the blower door is often used to take a random sample, with the ATT the airtightness of all dwellings can be tested in an easy and accessible way.

ACIN Instruments has won the VSK Award 2020 with the ATT! With the A(ir)T(ightness)T(ester), the air density of buildings can be measured quickly and easily.


Photographing cracks and crevices with sound

With Ultragraphyx, sound is photographed so that the relative size of cracks and leaks can be clearly visualised. Ultragraphyx is unique because it converts the leakage of a structure into a clear image, just as is done for temperature with the infrared camera. In a phase where the size of the leaks is not yet relevant, for example during construction, a combination of heat detection (thermography) on interior and exterior walls and ultrasonic measurement using ultrasonic waves can provide a good picture of the airtightness (gap sealing) and thermal insulation.

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