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Measuring water activity

Measuring and monitoring Aw value

Good and safe food is important. Measuring water activity is an excellent way to monitor the quality and shelf life of your product. With Aw equipment from Rotronic, you measure water activity very accurately. ACIN instruments will advise you on the purchase and use of water activity equipment.

Water activity: important in quality control

The measurement of water activity is an important parameter in the quality control of moisture-sensitive products or materials.

If there is too much water in a product, there is a risk of microbial growth and water migration. This can lead to lumping, changes in consistency and reduced shelf life. Producers of food and pharmaceutical products, for example, must demonstrate to the FDA that the water activity of a product has been reduced to the point where bacteria cannot grow.

More information on measuring water activity can be found in our video, brochure or white paper below. Scroll further and you will find all water activity equipment.

Video Water activity in 5 minutes

Learn how to measure water activity in less than 5 minutes with our HC2-AW-USB probe and the AW-Quick function of our HW4 software!

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Water activity brochure

Water Activity BrochureBrowse our brochure and find products and solutions for measuring and monitoring water activity, as well as information on software and calibration.

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White paper on water activity

The white paper contains detailed theory on water, water activity and water content. It also provides information on where and why it is important to measure water activity and how to perform water activity measurements.

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