Differential pressure transmitters

Professional differential pressure transmitters

ACIN instrumenten offers a very complete line of differential pressure transmitters of the brands Clean Room Panel )CRPS, Rotronic and Setra. Measuring differential pressure is important for optimal process control, filter monitoring and air quality. We will gladly advise you about the right differential pressure transmitter.

Use of differential pressure transmitters

A differential pressure transmitter accurately measures the pressure difference between rooms, i.e. the relative pressure. This allows overpressure to be monitored. Overpressure is necessary to keep rooms such as clean rooms and operating theatres clean of contaminated air (for example viruses or bacteria). Differential pressure transmitters not only measure the under- and overpressure, they also send it to the ventilation system.

Differential pressure meters of ACIN instruments

We only supply differential pressure meters of the highest quality. ACIN instrumenten has been a manufacturer and supplier of measuring and control equipment for indoor and outdoor climates since 1965. ACIN has the expertise, own production, quality brands and the repair and calibration facilities to advise and assist customers. We only supply differential pressure meters of the highest quality.

Advice on differential pressure transmitters

Do you need expert advice on air measurement or do you want more information, please contact us at or by phone at +31 (0)70 – 3070703. Of course, you can also just fill in the form below. Our service or sales department will then contact you immediately.

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